Hana Bartosova must have at least a double sense of harmony. The young Brno musician gave a surprising interpretation of all Mozart’s organ works…

Mozart in organ tones
On 26 November crowds of people interested in listening to innovative organ music came to St. Augustin’s church in Brno. The reason was that the programme included works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The young Brno musician Hana Bartosova interpreted this genius as a composer who combined Bach’s strict counterpoint with classic playfulness. The artist chose the right tempo, and the accenting was also natural. Although we might search in vain for virtuosic instrumental style, apart from their flow the works are technically demanding because of their transparent structure. Everything was supported by well thought-out and varied registration. This successful concert was undoubtedly a very interesting contribution to the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death.
Opus musicum

Circle of friends of music
The remarkably technically talented Hana Bartosova gave a colourful cleanness to Hindemith’s sonata and rich polyphony to Schumann’s Studies. Her spontaneous musicianship unfolded Reger’s great Fantasia and Fugue in D minor and Dupree’s Prelude and Fugue in B major almost to extremes.

…If we were captivated that evening by the depth of Bach’s works, it was due to Czech organist Hana Bartosova. She interpreted individual works distinctly in a formal structure, lucidly in leading voices, majestically and vividly in declamation. Good registration resulted in a contrasting and dynamically shaded interplay on the small instrument. The audience showed their appreciation with a long round of applause.

The highlight of the programme was Max Reger’s Introduction and Fugue Op. 60, whose distinguishing feature is a combination of chords, runs and dynamic changes. To play abstract, modern classical music and join individual voices in spiritual unity requires not only the highest concentration but also exceptional talent. Hana Bartosova has both: her lively, dynamic and inwardly turbulent playing intrigued…
Neue Presse

At the subsequent encounter with Czech Hana Bartosova, whose trademark is marvellous technique, the organ in St. Mary’s church was brought to life with accurate and stylish registration of Bach’s works.
La Gazzeta del Mezzogiorno

The Brno Organ Festival finished with the lightning flashes and the sound of the rain and thunder sometimes mingling with the full sound of the organ in St. Augustin’s church. Hana Bartosova played the final concert. Although her interpretation is well-balanced in all aspects, the characteristic components of her expression clearly surfaced during the concert: natural, musical feeling, technical supremacy, well thought-out conception of the works and outstanding mastery of registration.
Lidova demokracie